The Brutality of Smallcap Consumer Retail

A look at the Retail sector in Australian small caps. (May-24)

Not all growth is equal

A look at how not all growth is equal between different business models.(April-24)

Safeguarding the Future

ESG Observations and 1H2024 Proxy Voting Report (May-24)

Things you see in a recovery

Anatomy of a small cap drawdown and observations pointing to a recovery. (Mar-24)

1H F2024 reporting season

A review some of our key observations from reporting season (Feb-24)
BehaviouralInsightsInvestment Process

The first five years at longwave

On our fifth anniversary, we look back at what we set out to achieve for investors (Jan-24)
BehaviouralInsightsInvestment Process

Simple but not easy

A look back at our 2023 coverage of why and how small-caps generate long-term outperformance (Dec-23)
Company LifecycleInsightsStocks

Longwave christmas gift 2023

The family tradition we are building on and will bring you each Christmas (Nov-23)

Longwave ESG enhancements

ESG Observations and FY2023 Proxy Voting Report (November-23)
Small CapsStocksVideo

Small Caps in focus

Small Caps portfolio construction with Melinda White (Nov-23)

Long and variable lags coming home to roost

A look at the looming corporate debt cliff impacting Small-caps (Oct-23)
BehaviouralInsightsInvestment Process

Buy Australian

The hidden opportunity for wealth creation that sits right under our nose (Sep-23)

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