Investing with reasonable and rational expectations (Mar-21)
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Pinnacle 2021 Insight Series Presentation

Watch David Wanis speak at the Pinnacle 2021 Insight Series. (Mar-21)

1H21 Results and COVID Re-opening

Outlook for small retailers post-COVID (Feb-21)

Nobody goes there anymore, it’s too crowded

Understanding company fundamentals is key (Jan-21)
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Three observations for year end

Expectations and forecast for 2021 (Dec-20)
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Not a good month for Goldilocks

Governance in life and investing. (Nov-20)
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The persistence of behavioural alpha

Observation in behavioural alpha trends, according to Longwave (Oct-20)
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Mad Men meets Moneyball

Madmen, Moneyball and Longwave's investment approach. (Sep-20)
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Pinnacle 2020 Virtual Summit Presentation

Watch David Wanis present at the 2020 Pinnacle Virtual Summit in September. (Sep-20)

A most unusual reporting season

Perspectives on 2020 ASX reporting season from the Longwave team. (Aug-20)
speculative bubble
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Speculative bubble hiding in plain sight

History shows hundreds of failures never lived up to their early stage market cap. (Jul-20)
resource stocks

Don’t spend all your winnings on more tickets

Asset quality and superior economic returns owe more to geology than commercial skill. (Jun-20)

Enhancements to our ESG process

An update on our ESG processes and approach.
evolution of retail

Gradually, then suddenly: The evolution of retail

A look at the Australian small cap retail sector and the acceleration of omni channel retailing. (Apr-20)

Unprecedented market events have precedence

Most market events are unprecedented. But we can look to precedence of the unprecedented. (Mar-20)

How Longwave invests during uncertainty

COVID-19 fear was the major factor during February. We consider how investors might respond. (Feb-20)

A look back at our first 12 months

Longwave Australian Small Companies Fund - Our first 12 months. (Jan-20)
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2019 ASX small cap observations

Our 2019 Australian small cap observations (not forecasts). (Dec-19)
small cap diversification
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Diversification is about better returns

Why we believe diversification is about better returns not lower risk. (Nov-19)
stock selection
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Stock selection: Average is scarce

Just how scarce average is in the stock selection process is often lost on investors. (Oct-19)

Rotation to value? Mr Market drops first track

During September we witnessed a sharp swing in returns from value stocks relative to growth stocks. (Sep-19)
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When ‘professional scepticism’ is needed

Why we must employ 'professional scepticism' when analysing financial statements. (Aug-19)
valuation and momentum

The link between valuation and momentum

Reporting seasons bring surprises – but by definition we don’t know where. (Jul-19)
small cap portfolio construction
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Small cap portfolio construction

Small cap portfolio construction requires balance. There are tools and treasures. (Jun-19)
Amazon valuation

Amazon and Damodaran prove valuation is hard

Previous Amazon valuation attempts shows just how difficult investing can be. (May-19)
renewable energy mega trend
InsightsRenewable Energy

Renewable energy can’t be ignored

3 mega trends driving economic disruption that rivals the microprocessor or the Internet. (Apr-19)
amazon valuation
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Benefits of small caps in an equity portfolio

Small caps provide diversification in four primary ways, three good and one bad. (Mar-19)

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